Major GC Swinerton establishes Mass Timber practice

Sources: Swinerton Builders, San Francisco; CP staff

Amid a growing schedule of wood-framed commercial projects in its California home base, Colorado and Oregon, general contractor Swinerton Builders has announced a namesake Mass Timber team. Members will shape the paths for delivering financially-viable mass timber structures, working with peers and key partners across the country to develop, design and deliver projects bearing engineered wood specs.

“Swinerton Mass Timber represents our commitment to shaping the future of building. Utilizing this technology, we know mass timber will help us build more quickly, more safely, and deliver the most cost efficient structures in markets nationwide,” says CEO Jeff Hoopes. “If you look at our company’s rich history, Swinerton was one of the first builders to pioneer steel-reinforced concrete, and I’m proud that we are on the forefront of mass timber building as well.”