Tie down, cargo securement catalog

Designer, manufacturer and distributor of cargo control technologies, including securement, capacity and access solutions for the transportation industry, has released a 50th anniversary-themed catalog featuring 83 new products—joining an offering of 800-plus stock keeping units.

Additions include Rhino Max brand of winch or ratchet straps that upgrade the abrasion-resistant Rhino Web line with higher working load limits. Rhino Max load securement straps are treated with the same abrasion-resistant chemical coating that made Rhino Web straps equal to heavy-duty environments. The K-Force brand of winch, ratchet and logistics straps is among new offerings. Like the Rhino Max straps, they are engineered to manage heavier loads with more polyester material in the body of the strap than the standard Kinedyne webbing.

Other newcomers to the catalog include: Ease-Z Winch Bar that rotates 360 degrees for leverage and to accommodate various clearance requirements; VeeBoards; BrickGuards; and, VeeBoards2Go Brand Corner Protectors that evenly distribute the mechanical force exerted by load securement straps and other tie-down assemblies, and help maintain stacked cargo integrity. The company has also added new upgrades, features and expanded lines of such traditional product offerings as Trailer Door Safety Straps, Heavy-Duty Strap Bands, Heavy-Duty D-Rings, Lever Binder Locks, and Reflective Conspicuity Flags. — Kinedyne LLC, Branchville, N.J., 800/848-6057 (U.S.), 800/268-3530 (Canada); www.kinedyne.com/catalog_2018