Silo inventory on the cloud

Company has released a major upgrade of the SiloWeigh.Net inventory management and control system, which monitors the weight of material in silos or vessels located across an unlimited area. Among major benefits: users do not run out of material; vessels are not overfilled, curtailing costs associated with dust filter damage and environmental impact; delivery volumes are verified and fraud prevented; and, delivery schedule savings.

SiloWeigh.Net sensors have been upgraded and are compensated both for temperature changes and the material on which they are mounted. All bolt-on sensors give errors with large weather changes but a new variable parameter filter is claimed to hold the display steady while still responding instantly to fills and discharges. Other features include:

  • Ability to view on local computers or over the internet through any computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Digital transmission from silos improves accuracy, using single cable or radio when cables cannot be used.
  • Hard wired audible and visual alarms, plus text and email alerts when selected alarm levels are reached.
  • Automatically reorder when vessel level is low.
  • Records liquid levels, including those in admixture tanks.
  • Ability to measure divided silos with any split percentage.
  • Accuracy of 1 to 2 percent by weight, not volume, at a lower cost than 3D level sensors.
  • Self or assisted installation.

SiloWeigh.Net technicians are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. — Scale-Tron Inc.,