Sakrete moves into engineered, stronger and faster setting mixes

Atlanta-based Sakrete arrived at World of Concrete 2019 poised for launch of its Pro-Mix series, formulated and packaged with an eye to construction supply house channels and department of transportation projects. Packaging and distribution of these professional grade mixes are scheduled for the first quarter, beginning in the Southeast:

Pro iiPro iii

Pro ivAll-Purpose Concrete Mix. Designed for 15-minute set time and foot traffic in under one hour; 4,000 psi compressive strength in three hours, 9,000 psi at 28 days; vertical or horizontal and interior or exterior conditions.

  • Accelerated Concrete Mix. Designed for applications requiring depths over 2 inches; 15-minute set time and traffic load in under one hour; 4,000 psi in three hours, 6,000 psi at 28 days; flatwork, small slabs and general repairs.
  • Concrete Repair. Polymer modified for workability and bond strength. Designed for ¼- to 6-in. thick applications; 15-minute set time and foot traffic in under one hour; 4,000 psi in three hours, 7,000 psi at 28 days; vertical, horizontal or overhead applications.
  • Lightweight Concrete Mix. Weighs 33 percent less than standard concrete; develops strengths of 2,000 psi in three hours, 6,000 psi at 28 days. Suits 2-in. or deeper applications and is foot traffic-ready in three hours. A 33.5-lb. bag yields volume of a 50-lb. bag of conventional mix.

485 aAmerimix introduced AMX 485 Ultimate Stone Veneer Mortar at World of Concrete 2019, attributing the product’s performance in horizontal or vertical surfaces to a formula that provides excellent sag resistance and robust bond strength. The highly polymer-modified mortar conforms to both ANSI and MVMA installation guide specifications (118.11, 118.15) and is suitable for bonding most substrates. AMX 485 provides stonemasons and general contractors the flexibility to install manufactured and/or natural stone onto horizontal or vertical surfaces with one versatile mortar. The material is preblended, which reduces mixing time by about 50 percent compared to traditional sand-mixing methods.