Construction-specific ELD accounts for mixer, pump driver hours exemptions

Sources: GeoSpace Labs, Lakeland, Fla.; CP staff

A developer of market-specific tools for fleet operators and drivers bound by Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration hours of service rules cites the first electronic logging device programmed with functionality to reflect the agency’s hours of service rule exemptions for mixer and concrete pump drivers. GeoSpace Labs timed the early-February release of its construction-specific ELD with FMCSA’s formal announcement of exemptions for concrete delivery and placement vehicles, waiving drivers’ 30-minute break requirement and relaxing the reset period from 14 to 12 hours.

“We have become experts in market verticals and providing hours of service technology designed specifically for how different drivers work based upon the market, vehicle specifications, and property being transported,” says GeoSpace President Dr. David Lady. “We have found that generic ELD tools tend to gloss over exemptions and treat all drivers like they are long haul carriers. We instead focus on helping the drivers maximize usage of exemptions, as allowed, so they can maximize their productivity.”

The FMCSA exemptions are well thought out and allow drivers extra latitude for safety, while the use of an hours-logging device specific to the market and user processes provides drivers a powerful tool and competitive advantage, he adds. The GeoSpace Construction ELD is powered by the FMCSA-registered Geowiz ELD. A free version is available here.