ICPI installs Hardscape Institute platform in online learning portal

Source: Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Chantilly, Va.

ICPI launched the new Hardscape Institute, an online learning center for contractors/installers, hardscape sales professionals, designers, government officials and building owners. It will be the gateway to all ICPI education offerings, including trainings, live courses, online courses, demonstrations, live and on-demand webinars and Lunch & Learn Presentations.

Some of the educational opportunities that is available through the Hardscape Institute:

  • Contractors/Installers – ICPI Boot Camp listing; calendar and registration for the in-person ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course; online specialist courses for residential (available now) and commercial (starting mid-summer); registration for in-person specialist courses for residential and PICP; and, online residential and commercial professional courses to help contractors enhance their business skills and knowledge (starting in early 2020).
  • Hardscape Sales Professionals – In-person ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course (a requirement to earn new Sales Specialist and Professional designations); residential and commercial sales specialist online courses; and, registration for the in-person Regional and National Commercial Concrete Paver Sales Professional Course.
  • Professional and Student Designers – ICPI designer education and technical resources, including free accredited AEC Daily online courses, live and on-demand webinars (many of which also are accredited by AIA and ASLA), and ability to schedule Lunch & Learn presentations by qualified ICPI member instructors. Students will have access to ICPI’s PaveShare learning center for landscape architects and professors’ access to the ICPI Civil Engineering Curriculum. Design professionals and students will also have access to technical resources, such as ICPI Tech Specs, Project Profiles, Detail Drawings, Guide Specifications, Software Programs, and ICP and PICP Inspection Guidelines.
  • Government Officials and Building Owners – ICPI education resources, including online AEC Daily courses, live and on-demand webinars, and ability to schedule Lunch & Learn presentations by qualified ICPI member instructors. They can also tap into ICPI technical resources, including ICP and PICP inspection guidelines, software programs, tech specs, project profiles, detail drawing, and guide specifications.