Concrete highway pavement volume approaches 60 million sq. yd.

Sources: American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), Rosemont, Ill.; CP staff

ACPA sees 2019 concrete highway pavement volume rising to 56.2 million sq. yd., up 7 percent from 2018 and representing the largest such watermark since 2012. “Looking back at the past two years, 2017 was challenging for paving volume, but 2018 projected volumes indicate a strong rebound,” ACPA CEO Gerald Voigt observed at a World of Concrete 2019 briefing. 

Projections are actual square yards drawn from sources including state bid tabs and data provided or corroborated by 20 ACPA chapter leaders, he added. While data is applicable only to state highway department projects, municipal and county road work historically follows their trend line. Beyond surface transportation contract volume, ACPA finds conditions favoring strong, steady increases in concrete pavements for runways, taxiways and companion infrastructure based on staff or chapter involvement in recent military, commercial and general aviation airports, plus Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2018 funding.