Boral Resources adds Mexico stations to fly ash supply chain

Sources: Boral Resources, Atlanta; CP staff

Boral Resources has acquired marketing rights for fly ash produced at two large coal-fueled power plants in Mexico, their combined annual output equating to a potential 1 million-plus tons of Class F fly ash for distribution throughout the western United States. The plants are Carbon II in Nava, Coahuila, located approximately 25 miles from the Texas border and accessible by truck or rail; and, Petacalco in Petacalco, Guerrero, located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and accessible by rail or barge. 

“The[se] sources comprise another powerful tool in our on-going effort to expand the volume and improve the supply reliability of high quality fly ash for U.S. concrete markets,” says Boral Resources West Region Vice President Jimmy Lambert. “This action is a key component in a strategy that includes materials blending, harvesting previously stored ash, and utilizing a range of beneficiation technologies to continue improving on what is already the largest and most robust fly ash supply network in the nation.”