ISI adds tile-grade hermetic press to plant equipment offerings

Manufactured-concrete plant equipment specialist ISI has announced North American market availability of the Cassani Hermetic Press CCP 672 for cement-based tile production. Italy’s Cassani Carlo s.r.l. unveiled the machine at the Marmorac 2018 fair earlier this fall in Verona. The seven-station CCP 672 presses monolithic or two-layer square units, 80- or 100-mm thick. In a typical two-layer tile production sequence:

  • The hopper deposits a dry mix in the first station for a base layer, followed by initial vibration;
  • Additional vibration cycles are completed in the second and third stations;
  • A loading device charges the mold with dry mix for a second layer in the fourth station, followed by respective initial (limited pressure) and primary (high pressure) pressing processes in the fifth and sixth stations; and,
  • An extractor saddle in the seventh station shifts unit to transfer point.

The 672 features robust steel construction; pneumatic mold opening and closing; centralized electrical equipment and PLC; independent hydraulic gear case projected for a 250 bar to power pressing, demolding and table-centering device cylinders; asynchronous motor and gearbox controlled by inverter, pinion and gear for table rotation plus smooth braking and precise stops; automatic gear lubrication; hydraulic demolding device with variable stroke to suit different product characteristics; electric vibrators at all stations; and, touchscreen adjustable vibration intensity by inverter. — Industrial Services International, LLC, Potomac, Md., 301/639-5489;