Mixer truck driving simulator lowers training costs, raises results

Company’s latest simulator for ready mixed producers, the 550ConcreteTruckplus, integrates three large screen, high-definition LED displays, netting a 225-degree field of view, with 5.1 surround sound. Drivers are presented dynamic graphics portraying pedestrians, construction crews plus concrete plant, street, road and job site settings.

 With leading edge design and a newly upgraded virtual world, 550ConcreteTruckplus is the most advanced mixer truck driving simulator in the marketplace, contends Doron Precision Senior Vice President Michael Stricek. “The program leads the industry with the integration of actual mixer truck controls for optimum instructor/trainee interaction and vehicle-specific training,” he adds.

Simulation training type and duration depend on a variety of factors. Doron Precision provides curriculum for training new drivers, ahead of CDL testing, as well as experienced operators. New-driver training encompasses classroom, simulator and over-the-road exercises. Fleets also use simulators for a) remedial training involving drivers who have been in a motor vehicle collision or simply need a refresher on concrete delivery basics; and, b) to reinforce company procedures and instill defensive driving techniques. Although there is no set behind-the-wheel time, 550ConcreteTruckplus users find four to eight hours of simulator training can yield a better driver and accident rate reduction.

Doron Precision programs a variety of training scenarios with industry-specific objectives. Many different types of roadways—rural to metropolitan to mountainous terrains—are presented, while various environmental conditions that affect coefficient of friction and visibility such as snow, rain, fog and black ice are simulated. Comprehensive vehicle dynamics factoring weight, size and speed have been programmed into the drivable model. An optional 3 DOF (degree of freedom) motion base adds to the simulated driving experience. Programmers can also customize simulators to a particular vehicle make and model with functioning controls.

The ready mixed concrete delivery program can be combined with companions such as 550Truckplus to coordinate training for dump truck and other support vehicle driving. It joins Doron Precision simulation systems for transit, school bus, military, and first responder driver training—all developed through collaboration with traffic safety experts, plus trucking, emergency response and law enforcement professionals. System users report lower operating and liability costs resulting from shorter training times, lower collision rates and improved safety. Doron Precision Systems Inc., Binghamton, N.Y., 607/772-1610; www.doronprecision.com