Fuel efficient air compressor

A twin single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type model, the CPS 1800 JD8 T4F is the largest in the manufacturer’s portable air compressor lineup and can work in a wide range of applications. Powered by a liquid-cooled, six-cylinder turbocharged John Deere diesel engine, rated at 525 hp, it has a starting capacity at 14°F without the addition of cold start options. A 240-gal. fuel tank enables operation for over eight hours at full load and comes standard with a low fuel shutdown at 5 percent empty. Additionally, FuelXpert technology reduces CPS 1800 diesel consumption up to 10 percent at 75 percent load.

The compressor has three settings: At 100 psi, the actual free air delivery is 1,800 cfm; 150 psi, 1,700 cfm; and, 200 psi, 1,400 cfm. The CP XC4003 controller affords versatility and flexibility, allowing operators to match machine airflow with desired operating pressure to maximize output and fuel efficiency. Other features include a spillage-free containment frame protecting the environment and a heavy duty tandem dual axle trailer with 17.5-in. tires balancing the compressor for safer towing, plus a high ground clearance for rough site and road conditions.

The unit’s cooling system consists of an integrated, side-by-side aluminum oil cooler with axial fan for optimum performance. Designed for higher maximum working pressure, the air and oil separator is equipped with a high pressure sealed and certified safety valve plus automatic blow-down valve. The CPS 1800 has a galvannealed steel canopy with powder coat finish and sound-attenuating design. Chicago Pneumatic, www.cp.com