NPCA presentation covers ASTM C1821 practice

PHOTO: National Precast Concrete Association

The PowerPoint presentation covers proper installation of circular precast concrete manholes, per ASTM C1821. The general version is posted at

The National Precast Concrete Association Manhole Product Committee has developed a PowerPoint presentation to educate specifiers about ASTM C1821 Standard Practice for Installation of Underground Circular Precast Concrete Manhole Structures, published last year. The presentation is available in a general industry version free of charge, or customizable version for NPCA producer members. It provides details needed to describe ASTM C1821 and suits lunch and learn presentations, plant tours, local or regional sewer association gatherings, or other presentations for specifiers, regulators and municipalities. Additional details on the presentation or ASTM C1821 can be obtained from NPCA Director of Codes and Standards Eric Carleton, P.E., 800/366-7731.