3-D printing commands ACI Committee status

The newly formed ACI Committee 564, 3-D Printing with Cementitious Materials will report on three-dimensional printing and additive manufacturing with inorganic cementitious materials, and develop publications on the technology’s applications, challenges and impacts.

The Committee 541 chartering times with Corps of Engineers 3-D printing at the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Champaign, Ill. Under the Automated Construction of Expeditionary Structures program, the agency printed a 512-sq.-ft. structure in 2017 as a springboard to a larger barracks-style building this year. Printing entails shuttle-driven nozzle placement of low-slump, fast-setting mixes in layers. PHOTO: Mike Jazdyk, U.S. Army Engineer R&D Center

Members will work with other American Concrete Institute committees to disseminate additive manufacturing information and determine ways the technology can be integrated into the concrete community; collaborate with technical organizations to facilitate information sharing; foster discussion on research needs and challenges preventing additive manufacturing from wide adoption in the concrete construction community; and, develop guidelines to evaluate additive manufacturing materials and technology.

“3-D printing is a new and exciting frontier in the concrete industry. Committee 564 hopes to bring together all stakeholders to discuss the many challenges and opportunities with this new technology,” says ACI 564 Chair Scott Jones (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

The committee is scheduled to meet this month during the ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas. The ACI 564 meeting will follow a session, “Materials Science Aspects Related to Digital Manufacturing (3-D Printing) of Cementitious Materials,” featuring seven presentations. ACI will also host a mid-November webinar through ACI University on advancing the art of 3-D printing in concrete construction. www.concrete.org; www.ACIUniversity.comy.com