Thermal beneficiation process equips Charah to step up ash output

Sources: Charah Solutions, Louisville, Ky.; CP staff

Charah Solutions’ new thermal beneficiation technology improves finished fly ash quality by reducing loss on ignition, ammonia, activated carbon and moisture in raw feeds. The proprietary MP618 Multi-Process suits both wet and dry ash streams and offers these company-cited advantages over competing technologies: Lower cost profile; efficient footprint with self contained environmental controls that can be deployed in weeks versus years; and, modular design that can be scaled to market demand.

The technology can be installed at operating or idled coal-fired power plants, regardless of whether the raw feed is from current production or legacy ash stored in ponds or landfills. In additional to sub-grade coal combustion residuals, it can process kiln dust to remove mercury for emissions regulations compliance. “We believe the introduction of MP618 serves a clear customer need for cost-effective, efficient and sustainable solutions that can be scaled up or down based on the beneficiation needs at a particular site,” says Charah Chief Operating Officer Scott Sewell. “We can beneficiate out of spec fly ash, increase our supply of high-quality ash to the market and add significant value to our utility customers as we continue to leverage new technologies.”

“MP618 will expand our MultiSource materials network, a unique distribution system of more than 30 nationwide sourcing locations, and improve our ability to provide a continuous and reliable supply of supplementary cementitious materials,” adds Vice President of Byproduct Sales Scott Ziegler.


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