Manitou beefs up medium and high capacity forklift series

Eight new diesel-powered industrial forklift models, rated at 8,000 to 22,000 lbs, offer medium and high capacity options in the Manitou MI Range. The machines are designed for heavy-duty applications indoors or out, as their tires, engine power and robust components sustain intense use in precast, concrete pipe and other production settings.

The MI 50D and 70D have 118-in. lift heights and respective nominal capacities and operating weights of 10,053 lbs. and 15,432 lbs. and 9,900 lbs. and 22,293 lbs.

The MI 40D, MI 45D, MI 50D, MI 50LD, MI 60D and MI 70D are equipped with a 74-hp engine, the MI 80D and MI 100D a 114-hp model. All eight machines have a maximum lift height of 19 ft. 8 in.

Manitou industrial forklifts are focused on user expectations for simplicity, comfort, reliability and efficiency, while keeping the lowest possible operating cost, product engineers contend. Along with high-performance engines, the machines have monobloc chassis and multiple mast options. Design simplicity provides easy access to components, lowering maintenance costs. Manitou strategically routes the hose on the forklift mast and provides a honeycomb roof to ensure maximum visibility and safety. Operators will also note a lower and wider anti-slip step on each side of the forklift to ease access. — Manitou Americas, West Bend, Wis., 262/334-9461;