Lift truck fork protection, wear indicator

Fork Shields are designed to protect the most vulnerable part of the forklift fork from nicks, gouging, accidental damage and resulting stress cracks. By using the easily mountable protection devices, product engineers contend, equipment last significantly longer and is protected against costly, early replacement. Sold in pairs, Fork Shields are available in three sizes depending on fork width and thickness.

“While we continue to improve the design of our forks to increase durability, the fork heel remains the most susceptible to breakage,” says Arrow Material Handling CEO Terry Melvin. “We believe the Fork Shield is the answer. By administering shields across an entire fleet, companies should expect a significant increase in the lifespan of their forks.”

In addition to Fork Shield, the manufacturer recently announced Fork Wear Indicator, an easy to read guide stamped into the side of select Arrow ITA forks. The graphic helps operators and safety managers identify forks that are unsafe or approaching unsafe wear levels. Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines and industry standards suggest forklift truck fork replacement after 10 percent of wear, as that milestone equates to a capacity de-rated by 20 percent. Using a fork caliper to determine such wear is standard practice in the industry, Arrow officials note, but current technology has left room for error and negligence.

“This rugged and durable stamping will significantly reduce the chance of human error and negligence surrounding fork inspection. We believe the fork wear indicator will become a standard in the material handling industry,” Melvin contends. — Arrow Material Handling Products, Lenexa, Kan., 913/495-4800, 800/821-7563;,