Corrosion inhibitor-dosed structural repair mortars

Migrating corrosion inhibitors have been added to the single-component ChemSpeed 75 and ChemSpeed 75 ES (Extended Set) mortars, each suiting 0.50-in. thick to full depth structural slab, bridge or parking deck, column, beam and pavement repairs. The high early strength mortars offer versatile placement options, including horizontal trowel, vertical and overhead form and pump applications. ChemSpeed 75 reaches initial set in 13 to 19 minutes, while ChemSpeed 75 ES has an extended initial set of 40 to 50 minutes for increased flow and easier use in hot weather. The mortars resist the effects of freeze/thaw cycles; the addition of migrating corrosion inhibitor ensures protection for rebar and structural steel. Formulated to reach 2,000 psi compressive strength within one hour, theys can be placed at temperatures down to 20° F and primed or coated with as little as four hours’ cure. — ChemMasters Inc., Madison, Ohio; 800/486-7866;