GCP measures data integration potential in Sysdyne investment

GCP Applied Technologies, Cambridge, Mass., has announced a stake in Sysdyne Technologies, Stamford, Conn.-based provider of plant control and information technology solutions for ready mixed concrete producers.

The Verifi system is programmed to measure and automatically adjust slump and other properties of site-bound ready mixed. It generates data points that can be logged in the Sysdyne platforms for continuing or future analytics driving quality control and customer relationship management. PHOTO: Concrete Products

“Sysdyne shares our vision to transform the industry through technology and innovation,” says GCP Chief Strategy, Marketing and Development Officer Naren Srinivasan. “The company’s product suite complements our Verifi product line and presents significant opportunities to advance services through data integration.”

Sysdyne’s range of integrated software and automation tools includes batch panels plus dispatch and electronic ticketing platforms geared to helping users streamline operations and business processes, tighten quality control, and improve cash flow. GCP’s Verifi In-transit Concrete Management and Quality software afford data insights and analytics to help producers improve concrete performance, optimize mix designs, and reduce costs from the plant to the job site.

“Sysdyne and GCP share a passion for innovation, commitment to customer support and are both on the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies that provide tremendous value to producers,” notes Sysdyne CEO Jill Zhang.