Sculptor guides UHPC into premium interior furnishings

Sources: Brizo Kitchen & Bath Co., Indianapolis; CP staff

Brizo Kitchen & Bath presents its new single-handle Vettis Concrete faucet, meticulously cast by British Columbia Christopher Shannon, as a first of its kind fixture: “A feat of engineering and craftsmanship, innovative in both design and material … [blending] the finest quality of raw materials and an exquisite geometric form to create architectonic harmony.”

Brizo has enlisted Victoria, B.C., sculptor Christopher Shannon to cast 500 of the Vettis Concrete faucets.

“I spend a lot of time outdoors and truly respect the strength and beauty found within nature. That was the inspiration behind the concrete faucet,” says Brizo Industrial Designer T.J. Eads. “The Vettis Bath Collection inspiration is equivalent to strength found in nature. In its most iconic form—the single-handle faucet—we introduce concrete. The distinctive sound of water flowing, grounded in the strength and beauty of concrete, reminds me of the quiet moments in nature, just before dawn, waiting for the world to wake up.”

The limited edition Vettis faucet is made from ultra-high-performance, fiber-reinforced concrete with a carefully titrated infusion of pure charcoal to attain a signature hue. The mix formulation showcases natural variations, giving each fixture its own aesthetic characteristics. —