Sculptor guides UHPC into premium interior furnishings

Sources: Brizo Kitchen & Bath Co., Indianapolis; CP staff

Brizo Kitchen & Bath presents its new single-handle Vettis Concrete faucet, meticulously cast by British Columbia Christopher Shannon, as a first of its kind fixture: “A feat of engineering and craftsmanship, innovative in both design and material … [blending] the finest quality of raw materials and an exquisite geometric form to create architectonic harmony.”

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Past ACI President Ellis heads Pankow Foundation

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, Vancouver, Wash.; CP staff

The Charles Pankow Foundation, a leading benefactor for research advancing cast-in-place or precast concrete engineering and practice, has appointed Anne Ellis, P.E., FACI, F.ASCE, as executive director. Founder of Ellis Global and past American Concrete Institute president, she previous served as a special advisor to the Foundation Board to rally support for collaborative innovation in architecture, engineering and construction. 

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