NLRB ponders terms of bargaining relationships in construction

Sources: National Labor Relations Board; CP staff

The NLRB is weighing construction industry bargaining relationship provisions as defined in National Labor Relations Act Sections 8(f) and 9(a), and invites interested parties to file briefs through October 26 on whether it should revisit policy dating to the Casale Industries (1993) and Staunton Fuel & Materials (2001) cases.

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Precast makes the grade on “spend management” scale

Sources: SpendEdge, London; CP staff

A new report, “Global Precast Construction Category – Procurement Market Intelligence,” documents how public and private sector buyers are increasingly wise to manufactured-concrete components’ low lead times, assurance of consistent quality, higher volume discounts, low labor requirements, and conformity to sustainability goals. Such advantages are accelerating the spend growth momentum for the precast market, according to global procurement advisor SpendEdge.

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AGC: Materials cost increases outpace contractor bid adjustments

Sources: Associated General Contractors of America, Washington, D.C.; CP staff

Prices for goods and services used in construction climbed 6.2 percent over the past year, intensifying a cost squeeze on contractors coping with widespread labor shortages, according to an AGC analysis of new Labor Department data, including Producer Price Index (PPI) figures tracking a August 2017–August 2018 trajectory.  

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