Major limestone producer weighs in on qualified truck driver dearth

Sources: Lhoist North America, Ft. Worth, Texas; CP staff

Lhoist North America recently acknowledged the shortage of drivers available for heavy-duty trucking, along with the exacerbating effects of higher freight volume demands, plus the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate, limiting drivers’ hours of service.

Customers can make the limited transportation pool more efficient, the lime and limestone producer notes, by: Placing orders as far in advance as possible to augment truck scheduling; being as flexible as possible with receiving hours; and, minimizing check in/check out process delays and allowing carriers to unload as quickly as possible.

“We continue to work to expand our logistics capabilities by partnering with our existing carriers to be a ‘shipper of choice’ and by finding new carriers who can provide safe, reliable, and high quality delivery service to you,” the producer tells customers. “We are confident carriers are doing everything they can to recruit and retain drivers to help minimize the impact on all of our businesses. These actions include increasing wages, offering signing bonuses, developing more flexible driver schedules and minimizing weekend and holiday work.”


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