Major limestone producer weighs in on qualified truck driver dearth

Sources: Lhoist North America, Ft. Worth, Texas; CP staff

Lhoist North America recently acknowledged the shortage of drivers available for heavy-duty trucking, along with the exacerbating effects of higher freight volume demands, plus the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate, limiting drivers’ hours of service.

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Surfaces Coalition targets urban heat sources, impervious pavements

Sources: U.S. Green Building Council, Washington, D.C.; CP staff

The U.S. Green Building Council, American Institute of Architects and 20 other sustainability or urban organizations have formed the Smart Surfaces Coalition to help cities adopt cost-effective solutions—porous pavements; cool roofs and pavements; trees and plants—for cutting excess heat radiation from buildings and surfaces; reducing flood risks; plus, improving livability, health and equity.

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Forney profile slotted for Fox Business’ Manufacturing Marvels

Sources: Forney LP, Pittsburgh; CP staff

Construction material testing equipment specialist Forney is scheduled for a segment of the Fox Business Network’s “Manufacturing Marvels” production, airing September 5-6 between 9:30 and 9:44 p.m. CST. The two-minute installment showcases the surety the manufacturer helps bring to the construction process through premium laboratory equipment and tools, plus innovative systems netting quality testing results. Of particular note is the latest innovation, ForneyVault, a cloud-based system that improves laboratory productivity while increasing testing process transparency and value.

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