Oldcastle Precast rebranding frames bigger public works picture

Sources: Oldcastle Infrastructure, Atlanta; CP staff

The Oldcastle Inc. business unit that helped propel Dublin-based CRH Plc into a North American concrete, aggregates and cement powerhouse over the past four decades has a new name. 

Rebranding Oldcastle Precast as Oldcastle Infrastructure more accurately reflects product and service breadth, management notes, adding that “Employees ensure millions of people have access to life’s most vital resources: shelter, water, power, lines of communications and transportation. We transform communities from the ground up. Our vision for the future will be more consistently communicated through a unified look and feel for Oldcastle Infrastructure.”

“We want our new brand to reflect our strategic growth ambition, the products we make, and the positive impact they have on peoples’ lives and their communities,” affirms Oldcastle Infrastructure President Simon Bates. “We also want to demonstrate we are a part of CRH, and can take advantage of the tremendous size and scale our parent company offers.”

Oldcastle Infrastructure has evolved from Amcor concrete pipe and precast operations through which CRH entered the North American market in the late 1970s. Oldcastle Precast built a platform well beyond concrete drainage products, gaining a foothold in a) environmental and communications markets through engineered vaults of increasing scale and complexity, plus specialized, filtration-geared structures or systems for federal, state and local agencies seeking stormwater runoff management, retention and treatment solutions; b) utility, corrections and hospitality markets through modular, pre-finished building units; and, c) mainline transportation projects through prestressed bridge members.