Mixer measures up to grout, flowable fill production

Volumetric mixer specialist Bay-Lynx has unveiled a model that uses foamed concrete to produce grout or flowable fill for projects ranging from utility lines to swimming pools. The machine to designed to accommodate various production needs and project scopes: A couple of loads of grout up to a few thousand yards of flowable fill.

New Mexico’s Condeck Corp. deployed the premier Bay-Lynx grout and flowable fill unit, delivered complete with towable pump.

The new mixer can deliver foamed concrete at a rate of 180 yd./hour, and is complete with a dust free operation for pneumatic fill and production. It also has a small, hydraulically powered grout pump, equipped with bin level indicators to provide for a fully automated production process. Users are able to triple their job site productivity and reduce on site labor, product engineers contend. — Bay-Lynx Manufacturing Inc., Ancaster, Ontario, 888/337-3331, 515-393-1598; www.bay-lynx.com