Dust control equipment roundup


Company can solve concrete batch plant dust control problems with free-standing, in-truss or silo top collectors featuring jet pulse technology. The free-standing system can be used on new or existing concrete batch plant operations. The collector has a cloth area of 700 to 1,423 square feet; airflow capacity up to 8,500 CFM; and, a 99.8 percent efficiency at 1 micron. The exclusive in-truss system is the only dust collector that travels on a mobile or portable concrete plant. The unit is pre-mounted, pre-wired and pre-tested at the factory, which eliminates set-up time. It features a cloth area of 1,083 to 1203 square feet and an airflow capacity range of 6,500 to 7,800 CFM. The silo top dust collector has a total clamping capacity of 1,500 lbs. and a 245 sq.-ft. cloth area. — Vince Hagan Co., 800/354-3238; www.vincehagan.com


C&W specializes in solutions for dust issues related to the ready-mixed industry, with a full array of central collectors, silo collectors, and weigh batchers—with all the necessary accessories. Company offers four different technologies to provide the best dust control solution: Reverse air; Vertical pleated cartridges with reverse pulse jet cleaning; Bag-over-cage units with reverse pulse cleaning; and, Shaker units for silo applications. In addition to the stationary units, C&W offers a full line of mobile collectors with a wide range of cubic feet/minute capacities for operations that are on the go and constantly changing job locations. — C&W Manufacturing & Sales Co., 800/880-DUST (3878); www.cwmfg.com


The new SiloTop Bin Vent is a dust collector for venting pneumatically filled silos. Dust separated from the airflow by high-performance, spunbond nanofiber filter elements returns to the silo after an integrated automatic pulse-jet air cleaning system, which is housed inside the weather protection cover, has removed it from the filter elements. The dust collector is assembled in the United States and exceeds the requirements from CPMB-AQMD; tests with cement have proved that it has a 99.9995 percent efficiency. The total weight of 158 lbs. facilitates installation, while the body rim height of 3 feet makes filter element replacement particularly comfortable for maintenance personnel. The SiloTop Bin Vent is fully compatible with previous models. — WAM USA, http://waminc.com


National Concrete Corp. offers a vast array of dust control, collection and recycling systems designed for aggregate and cementitious unloading, batching, mixing, and mixer truck charging. They can be configured as single point collection central systems or as isolated systems for a variety of raw materials. Collection methods can be designed with recycling systems for material re-use or fugitive material disposal. Dust control systems are available for emissions abatement during bulk cementitious materials unloading and transfer, at the truck and mixer charging areas, for cementitious weigh batcher venting, and the control of aggregate dusting. Company can design and provide a dust control system to accommodate any specific requirement. — National Concrete Corp., 800/657-5420; www.nationalconcrete.com


Company has been building concrete plants since 1957 across the United States, Canada and Mexico. To help maintain all of its customers’ operations, Stephens offers an Ozone Super Flow Dust Collector. The S.O.S.-style system offers easy access for cartridge replacement; no tools are required. It has a heavy-duty (high frequency) blower with an 8-in. static pressure. The compact dust collector features automatic cleaning and comes standard with a control box complete with a magnetic starter, filter regulator and magnehelic gauge. Each S.O.S. model also comes standard with a duct work package as well as an air vibrator on the discharge hopper into the blow back pod. The aerodynamic design of the S.O.S. permits the free-fall of dislodged dust to the hopper and prevents direct impingement of dust particles on the media, which minimizes abrasion and dust build-up. Optional platforms, recycle systems, drive through hoods, and duct work are available. — Stephens Mfg. Co., 800/626-0200, www.stephensmfg.com


Company offers a wide selection of dust control systems that are engineered to optimally perform based on the type of plant in operation. Systems include central mix, batcher, silo, and truck mixer collectors. The central mix dust control units vent storage silos and mixer into one dust collector. While larger in size, these systems are easier to maintain. Two batcher collector units offer features such as a built-in atmospheric pressure cleaning system and pulse jet cleaning. Truck mixer models are engineered specifically for dust collection from the charge hopper during dry batching operations. Dust collectors are single-source manufactured to the high standards of workmanship. The systems are built for reliability and performance, and are backed by one of the industry’s best support system for parts and service. — Con-E-Co, 800/656-2651; www.con-e-co.com