Precision-Hayes deploys IoT to expedite post-tensioning data relay

Sources: Precision-Hayes International, Seagoville, Texas; CP staff

Precision-Hayes plans to commercialize technology that will provide architects, engineers or other project stakeholders with real-time tendon elongation and force readings from post-tensioning (P-T) operations. Initial market development will focus on unbonded, monostrand tendons typical in elevated, cast-in-place concrete slabs and parking structures.

Precision-Hayes will begin testing lasers, linear differential variable transducers and linear potentiometers that can relay elongation figures plus electronic force readouts to a cloud platform via data loggers. A market-ready “smart stressing” package scheduled for early-2019 will generate near-instant tendon data for design and engineering professionals charged with ensuring that P-T has been performed according to contract specifications, while also keeping a full record of project by project readings. The Internet of Things-styled solution under way at Precision-Hayes represents a significant advance over current practice.

Seoul National University, Dr. Thomas Kang, and Total PS Co. are licensing the smart stressing technology for commercial application outside Korea. Precision-Hayes Vice President and General Manager Chris Mitchell views the project as an “opportunity to change the industry paradigm and enhance our value proposition to customers. Over the next several months our new product development team will work with [sister] Actuant businesses, leveraging existing resources, to bring to market a smart stressing system with a jack and pump as well as a data management platform.”