Commission launches precast-geared crane operator certification

Sources: National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), Fairfax, Va.; CP staff

NCCCO has developed the Telescopic Boom-Swing Cab Restricted (TLL-R) certification program for operators of boom trucks with short booms, no attachments/extensions, and a basic load chart. A restricted version of the Telescopic Boom Swing Cab (TLL), it covers equipment classes commonly used in precast concrete delivery.

Crane operators achieving the TLL-R certification are restricted to operating telescopic boom cranes with a maximum 37-ft. boom length. Certification candidates must pass the Mobile Crane Operator Core written exam as well as a modified version of the Telescopic Boom written exam that features a QMC boom truck load chart.

The type of crane used on the TLL-R practical exam must match the type an operator wishes to be certified for, such as swing cab (rotating operator’s station) or fixed cab (fixed operator’s station). All NCCCO certification eligibility and medical policies common to other CCO operator certifications apply. More information about the new certification is available in the Mobile Crane Operator candidate handbook, posted here []. Detailed information about the new exam, including test options and fees, is available at