Kraft Systems thinks granular for premium paver protection

Kraft Systems’ new T-Rex Granulat Dispenser distributes rectangular or disc-shaped low density polyethylene plastic bits across paving stone production pallets. A surface protection alternative to netting products, the plastic granulates prevent layer-to-layer contact, eliminating the potential for scratches and abrasion. The mechanically flexible LDPE bits act like a rubber mat to effectively secure finished product and curtail movement or skipping.

Unveiled at Icon Expo 2018, the T-Rex has a 125-liter capacity granulate hopper and suits paver production lines up to 1,800-mm wide and product layers up to 40-mm high.

Once adjusted for granulate volume and distribution, the T-Rex runs without supervision and is equipped with electro-optical sensors to detect passing load. The device is operated from a control cabinet with an HMI panel (speed adjustment, hopper height), and is available with additional programs to change granulate dispensing speeds. Optional equipment and offerings include software for advanced control settings; remote control; three-color light machine status indicator; and, control cabinet heating. — Kraft Systems Inc., Fairless Hills, Pa.,