Portable washout pit

The 3.5-yd., 750-gal. capacity Alpha Dog has joined the Porta-Pit series of concrete mixer or pump truck washout containment vessels. The main body is constructed of industrial strength, cross-linked polyethylene plastic—five times stronger than conventional polypropylene sheet and resistant to concrete mix or cement slurry build up.


Engineered for concrete producers and their contractor customers, the Alpha Dog is the largest of the Porta-Pit vessels.

A baffled lid design traps washout and slurry in the container with a rubber seal and ratched locking system. Framed in heavy-duty steel runners and supports, the system prevents spillage during plant or site transfer or transport. The Alpha Dog measures 100- x 58- x 45-in., roughly the size of two shipping pallets. Lid options include 1-in. square rubber seal, pack of 26 heavy-duty ratchets with straps, and 10-in. center lid.

Among other Porta-Pit series vessels are the 1.75-yd. Big Dog (50- x 58- x 45-in.); 1.25-yd. Little Big Dog (50- x 58- x 29-in.); and, 1.75- or 1.25-yd. Boom Pump Tray (8- x 4-ft. x 14 in. or 20 in.). — Washout Watchdog, 626/893-4170; www.watchdog.com