Lanxess workshop invites production efficiency, color consistency

The Lanxess Corp. Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit hosted its Bayferrox Color Workshop in Pittsburgh for the 27th consecutive year. Nearly two dozen professionals representing North American concrete producers participated in the 2.5-day educational and laboratory training program.

Workshop developers aim to help participants learn how to better use iron oxide pigments to produce colored concrete products with greater efficiency and consistency. Participants receive comprehensive classroom education led by Lanxess color experts, in conjunction with hands-on laboratory exercises at the IPG Technical Competence Center in Burgettstown, Pa. The exercises outline step-by-step procedures exploring safety, color theory, pigments and pigment loadings; techniques for matching existing colors and creating new ones; variables that can affect finished concrete color; and, various types of pigment metering systems. Participants also learn proper laboratory techniques to apply at their own operations and receive equipment recommendations.