NRMCA spreadsheet quantifies ‘Cost of Poor Quality’ concrete

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; CP staff

The NRMCA Research, Engineering and Standards Committee has released a spreadsheet and guidance document with which producers can calculate the financial impact caused by deficiencies in raw materials, plant equipment and production.

“Cost of Poor Quality” (COPQ) measures a producer’s total cost of internal and external failures leading to ready mixed concrete not meeting specifications or rejected prior to placement. As a tool, it focuses attention on the quality management system in place at a plant or across a company. By investing and implementing better quality practices, RES Committee members note, producers can reduce COPQ and increase profitability. Measurement of real costs also helps track quality improvement on an annual basis. The spreadsheet and guidance document can be obtained here. Additional information on RES Committee activities can be obtained from NRMCA Vice President, Technical Services Karthik Obla, 888/846-7622; [email protected].