New Command Alkon branding conveys ‘amazing’ message

Sources: Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.; CP staff

A reimagined brand, story and logo establish a new identity for Command Alkon and include a mantra, “Together We Build Amazing,” capturing the essence of “the why” for people across heavy building materials production. The move celebrates what management notes is “the commitment from contractors, concrete producers, raw material suppliers and haulers to drive digital transformation—marking a meaningful moment for the industry, the company, and the people who collectively build our world.”

“Drawing on the industry reputation and strength of relationships we’ve built in each segment of our business, we believe our reimagined brand further aids our goal to lead the digitization of our industry, create clearer understanding, grow the market, and further attract the very best talent around the world,” says CEO Phil Ramsey. “Updating our identity reflects where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and aligns our story to our strategy.”

Over the last four decades, he adds, Command Alkon has revolutionized heavy building materials with market-leading industry solutions. Building on the proven performance and collaborative industry partnerships nurtured in that time, the company is aligning the brand to “[a] focus on delivering A+ experiences to customers and partners, alongside a unified face across solutions and locations around the world.” A new logo and tri-con mark reflect those qualities. 

Through “Together We Build Amazing,” Command Alkon seeks to capture the essence of the industry’s collective vision, where all participants impact and are impacted by one another. When collaboration and partnership are infused in daily intra- and inter-enterprise operations, goals are accomplished more efficiently and effectively, and greater prosperity achieved. The driving forces behind the reimagined brand are professionals from Command Alkon’s global customer community, each of whom possesses the wisdom, courage, confidence and grit to challenge the status quo, solve pervasive problems, and redefine the way business gets done. 

“Over the years, Command Alkon has placed an enormous value on crafting innovations to increase productivity, improve future outcomes, and help customers perform to the best of their ability,” affirms Vice President of Marketing Ed Rusch. “It’s imperative for our identity to coordinate with our deep dedication to helping create amazing outcomes. The ability to thrive in a digital age, as well as positioning Command Alkon as the forward-thinking, human-centered technology company for the industry, is fundamental.”

Concurrent with the reimagined brand unveiling, Command Alkon has reprogrammed to provide a more customer-focused, mobile-friendly and dynamic user experience.


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