Charah acquires SCB ash beneficiation, mineral grinding technologies

Sources: Charah LLC, Louisville, Ky.; CP staff

Charah, the leading independent in coal combustion product management and marketing, has closed on Connecticut-based SCB International Inc. with an eye to developing and deploying new fly ash beneficiation, mineral grinding, and pollutant extraction technologies—and potentially doubling its output of materials for concrete and cement customers. 

SCB’s proven thermal technology allows for beneficiation of wet or dry fly ash generated by or stored at electric power plants at a cost profile that is roughly one-third of the cost of competitive thermal processes. It reduces loss on ignition (LOI), ammonia, activated carbon, moisture and chloride levels, and can deployed quickly. Its unique small footprint, self-contained environmental controls and scalability make the technology what Charah contends is the most cost-effective option available in the industry. Processed ash delivers the consistency and quality needed for cement replacement in concrete products. SCB technology likewise allows for the processing of cement kiln dust to remove mercury for environmental permit compliance. 

Charah also will deploy SCB grinding technologies—modeled on the fly ash beneficiation methods’ small footprint, low capital requirement and rapid deployment—to finish ground granulated blast furnace slag. The beneficiation and mineral grinding technologies will support Charah’s expanding MultiSource fly ash network of terminals and processing points. 


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