Lytx honors Lafarge terminal driver with spotless, 3 million-mile record

Video telematics specialist Lytx named Lafarge North America’s North Dakota-based bulk tanker ace Jack Weig its 2018 Driver of the Year, Private Trucking—one of six categories honoring DriveCam technology users. The award was presented during the Lytx User Group Conference in San Diego. Weig has earned an internal safe driving award 37 times, once for every year he’s been with Lafarge. Throughout his career, he has not logged a single at-fault accident, despite driving more than 3 million miles, and believes in acting as a courteous and professional ambassador for his company’s brand, on and off the road. Managers cite the personal ownership Weig takes in his role at the company, customers’ overall satisfaction, and fleet equipment.

Flanking Lytx Driver of the Year Jack Weig are, from left, Lafarge Senior Health and Safety Manager Sean Baldry, Head of Health and Safety Dave Dziubinski, Senior Terminal Manager Myron VanBruggen, and Transportation Safety Manager Josh Halada.

Lytx provides safety services for professional fleets of all sizes, holding the belief that video-based, data-driven training is the best way to create safe and efficient driving behaviors. Having catalogued and analyzed 80 billion-plus miles’ worth of driving data to date—reportedly more than any other company in the world—Lytx cites unparalleled expertise when it comes to identifying the best professional drivers and coaches.

“Rewarding and celebrating successful drivers and coaches who have prioritized safety is an important part of the DriveCam program,” says Lytx Vice President of Safety Services Del Lisk. “[Our] ultimate goal is to create safer roads for all who use them, and drivers who share in this aspiration are essential for us to enact true change. We’re proud to recognize these professionals who have gone above and beyond to build a culture of safety and respect within the communities they serve.”