High performance pipe machinery

The Prinzing-Pfeiffer Radial Press RP Concrete Pipe Machine manufactures product up to 2,500 mm (8.33 ft.) diameter in lengths to 6,000 mm (20 ft.). Among key features:

  • Proprietary radial press technology provides consistent and reliable quality;
  • Rotating pressing tool, consisting of distributor and pressing heads, counter-rotates to ensure tension-free and reliable compaction;
  • Two molds and turntable maximize output per shift;
  • Separation of production and de-molding;
  • High level of hydraulic input power ensures high quality in all product, including jacking pipe;
  • Low noise level and energy consumption, plus ease of operation and maintenance; and,
  • Full automation for lowest unit cost.

Topwerk America, Burlington, Ontario, 877/578-4377; 905/575-4440; www.topwerk.com/en