Truck trailer hopper opener

A railcar component specialist has engineered a lightweight, handheld and flexible device to open truck trailer hopper gates/traps safely and efficiently. The Door Demon HTO (Hopper Trailer Opener) features what engineers call an ideal combination of torque, speed and weight.

“[It] has enough non-impacting torque to open the tougher hopper gates, but is also lightweight and controllable for safe use all day,” says Arnold Co. President Albert Middeke. “The unit was designed as a handheld tool for a reason. While our main objective was to make the tough job of opening hopper gates safer and easier, gates and traps are fairly easily damaged. With the speed level set low enough for complete control, the handheld unit allows the operator to know they are approaching the end of the gate.”

Several other features tailor the HTO to its operating environment, he adds: A unique shaft and socket design prevents detachment while allowing three interchangeable trailer sockets to be switched out within seconds. The HTO comes standard with three socket assemblies able to open the majority of trailers, or special sockets on request. The unit also has a lever mechanism to manually lock the shaft when needed; being air powered, it suits dusty environments. — Arnold Co., 800/245-75005;