Remotely monitored sensor gauges concrete strength, temperature

Product engineers bill intelliRock III as the first concrete strength and temperature profiling system equipped with a built-in thermal imager. Powered by the company’s Lepton thermal micro camera, the system provides construction professionals with instant access to the data and alerts they need to continuously monitor projects—ensuring maximum concrete quality and adherence to project specifications and deadlines.

The third generation intelliRock system is the only concrete monitoring tool featuring profiling technology to allow users to detect delamination, monitor insulation performance, and view curing box and specimen temperatures plus other temperature extremes. The device also delivers real-time information needed for safer and efficient management of concrete-related workflow.

intelliRock III stores up to 999 images and features a wireless remote with 4G LTE wireless communication and cloud software for convenient reporting, saving, and reviewing critical data from anywhere via mobile device. Users can schedule SMS or email alerts to their smartphones for strength, temperature, or differential changes from multiple loggers. The system’s reader has Bluetooth connectivity to transfer data to the computer. It is also the only such device with uninterruptable and uneditable logging, always providing valid, reliable data. A sliding-scale logger comparison helps ensure differentials are accurate to prevent thermal cracking and potential structural defects.

“intelliRock III delivers the industry’s first concrete monitoring solution with a built-in thermal imager and cloud based connectivity, making it easier to collect and share data from the office or the field,” says Flir International Sales and Operations Manager, Concrete Products Jim O’Daniel. “This flexibility will help construction professionals expedite their schedules, ensure critical specifications are met, and avoid penalties associated with unmet deadlines.” — Flir Systems, Wilsonville, Ore., 866/477-3687;