Polyurea coating

High-performance polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid coatings suit a variety of applications and include the fast-set Chemline Arc, which adheres well to concrete with the use of a primer. The spray applied, two-component polyurea contains 100 percent solids and zero volatile organic compounds. It is widely used in both the construction and contractor markets due to its physical properties and moisture resistance. Typical applications are wastewater basins, parking garages, foundations and water ponds.

Chemline Arc is a pure polyurea, whereby it yields chemical resistance, corrosion protection, and handles a wide range of temperature fluctuations. Product exhibits impact resistance even in sub-freezing weather. With a 12-second gel time, it provides rapid turn around and reduces labor costs. Among Chemline Arc physical properties: Shore 52 D hardness, 3,850 psi tensile strength; 570 pli tear resistance/DIE-C; 425 percent ultimate elongation; and, 17.0 mg. loss taber abrasion. Coating must be applied using a high pressure, heated plural component pump. — Chemline Inc., St. Louis; 314/664-2230; www.chemline.net