Curing cover

Company rolled out TopCure, an advanced, seven-day cover that provides a controlled curing environment for slabs on grade, at World of Concrete 2018. It features a) a grit, anti-skid surface to keep workers from accidental slips and falls; b) proprietary Transhield white coating that reflects sunlight and helps control the temperature under the cover; c) hydrating pods to allow faster water absorption in the nonwoven material and concrete surface area; d) performance film composition with higher strength and better physical properties compared to equal weight covers.; and, e) a pH modifier fostering an optimal concrete curing climate.

TopCure is available in 87-lb., 10- x 200-ft. rolls, individually wrapped and shipped 25 per pallet.

“Transhield has been manufacturing its core laminated product for nearly 25 years,” says Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Matt Peat. “We’ve talked with countless contractors across the country, which spawned our development of TopCure. This product adds a new market segment to our business that utilizes lamination technology we know very well.”

“Curing concrete with TopCure prevents moisture loss, protects the surface from external elements, and helps create a stronger surface,” adds Transhield Director of Marketing Mindy Kruggel. Transhield Inc., Elkhardt, Ind., 574/742-4333;