ISO safety standard emulates 9001 quality, 14001 environmental models

Sources: International Organization for Standardization, Geneva; CP staff

The just-published ISO 45001:2018, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, specifies requirements for companies and organizations to improve worker injury- and illness-prevention methods. Based on ISO 9001, Quality management systems and 14001, Environmental management systems common elements, it provides a Plan-Do-Check-Act model users can implement to help minimize risks to employees.

“It is hoped [this standard] will lead to a major transformation in workplace practices and reduce the tragic toll of work-related accidents and illnesses across the globe,” says David Smith, who chairs ISO/PC 283, Occupational health and safety management systems, the project committee behind ISO 45001. “World standards writers have come together to provide a framework for a safer workplace for all, whatever sector you work in and wherever you work in the world.”

ISO 45001 replaces OHSAS 18001, the global reference for workplace health and safety. Companies and organizations carrying OHSAS 18001 certification have three years to comply with the new standard. Copies of the ISO 45001 are available from North American ISO member bodies, American National Standards Institute or Standards Council of Canada, or the ISO Store.


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