Eagle tile, Eldorado veneer, HercuTech walls make reNEWable Home

A top U.S. homebuilder, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Meritage Homes Corp. unveiled the reNEWable Living Home last month in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show. The 5,800-sq.-ft., Orlando, Fla., property features renewable energy sources and sustainable building materials that cater to increased consumer demand for better, smarter and healthier homes.

Project design, procurement and execution entailed Meritage, BSB Design and Hanley Wood’s Builder Magazine, along with a team of architects, engineers and suppliers. The latter include Eagle Roofing Products (Bel Air Dark Charcoal concrete tile), Eldorado Stone (precast veneer) and HercuTech Inc. (concrete-filled, HercuWall).

Located in Meritage Homes’ Estates at Parkside community in Orlando, the reNEWable Living Home was opened to tours during the International Builders’ Show 2018. PHOTO: National Association of Home Builders

No stranger to Southwest markets rife with concrete roofing tile, Meritage requested Eagle’s participation as a 2018 reNEWable Living Home Alliance Partner. “The superior performance properties our tile possesses, such as a Class A fire rating, ability to withstand sustained winds of up to 180 mph and stand up to hail, [plus] the natural thermal resistance in the raw materials themselves that makes our tile inherently energy efficient makes us the perfect fit to be a part of the reNEWable Living Home,” affirms Eagle Director of Marketing Lissette Pamplona.

Along with challenging conventional building materials and processes, Meritage officials observe, the reNEWable Living Home promotes family connectivity with a flexible floor plan and leverages powerful smart home technologies to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Among features and benefits:

  • Savings. Home contains enough renewable energy sources to meet a Net Zero Energy standard, meaning it is designed to produce all or most of the energy it consumes.
  • Real comfort. Panelized HercuWall concrete system, insulated flooring, and advanced HVAC design improve durability and comfort.
  • Advanced certifications. Home has a 16 HERS Rating (the lowest 1 percent of all HERS rated homes in the country); attains Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star and Indoor airPLUS certification; and, meets Department of Energy’s Zero Ready Home Program requirements.

“By challenging convention and exploring new suppliers, materials and technologies, the reNEWable Living Home offers solutions that can shape the future of homebuilding,” says Meritage CEO Steve Hilton. “This home allows families to reap the benefits of advanced technologies and smart controls at a price point they can afford. It makes our promise of a ‘Life. Built. Better.’ a reality.”