Hybrid cementitious grout outguns epoxy-based formulations

Company has engineered a versatile grout material for supporting machinery and applications requiring precision alignment. The cement-based, nonmetallic, non-shrink Hybrid Grout develops compressive strengths that rival epoxy-based grouts without the added expense. Formulated with the Five Star Air Release Technology to increase durability of the hardened concrete, it offers a 95 percent effective bearing area, meaning less voids and a better bond. The material’s smooth consistency results in optimal flowability for pumping or pours.

Hybrid Grout performs as a multi-purpose product over a wide temperature range of 35-100°F, engineers note. As a fluid grout meeting ASTM C1107, it can be used for anchors and dowels. Its non-shrink characteristics also make it capable of handling load transfers and supporting tanks, vessels, wind turbines, compressors and turbo equipment.

“This product is ideal for impact resistant applications, heavy machinery and equipment, high operating temperature conditions, sulfate resistance and high load anchors and dowels,” says Five Star Market Manager Crysta Abell. — Five Star Products, Shelton, Conn., 203/336-7900; www.FiveStarProducts.com

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