App supports wireless concrete temperature, maturity monitoring

Pavement engineer Transtec Group has released a wireless option for the Command Center concrete temperature and maturity system. It equips builders, subcontractors, suppliers, testing firms, owners and owner agencies, engineers, and architects to measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength with the Command Center for iOS app.

Command Center Wireless and the Sensor Reader Modules (center) enable Bluetooth transfer of concrete data to the iOS app.

Command Center system’s affordable smart sensors and user-friendly, powerful software help expedite project schedules.

The ASTM C1074-compliant Command Center employs small, self-powered sensors placed in fresh concrete that automatically measure temperature data at predetermined intervals and store data internally. When using Command Center Wireless, they connect to a reusable Sensor Reader Module (SRM), which transfers data to the iOS app via Bluetooth or stores it locally for later transfer. Sensor data can be viewed, analyzed, and shared in real-time. Wireless sensor transmission means construction teams can safely collect data from hard to reach or hazardous locations. Command Center Wireless also allows them to immediately share data via email or Dropbox, and create professional PDF reports in the app.

Command Center eases and economizes wireless concrete monitoring, developers contend. Discounted Command Center Wireless kits include an iPod Touch with a rugged, waterproof case, SRMs, and sensors. A support team offers free web-based training for simplified on-boarding or transitioning of new or existing customers.

Command Center for iOS is compatible with iPhones, iPods and iPads running iOS 8.0 or later. Files created in the iOS app are fully compatible with Command Center for Windows software, allowing additional flexibility for concrete temperature and maturity monitoring. — Transtec Group, Austin, Texas, 512/451-6233;,

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