Construction-driven IT specialist projects “year of digital disruption”

Norwalk, Conn.-based Triax Technologies, Inc., a provider of connected-jobsite software and hardware tools, contends that 2018—thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) and companion developments—will see construction shatter its reputation as one of the least digitized sectors.

“Few industries have as great an impact on our economy as construction, yet it has been slow to embrace the digital tools and real-time data that have transformed other industries,” says Triax CEO Chad Hollingsworth. “This past year, the reduction in skilled labor drove contractors to seek out new technologies, such as IoT-enabled wearables and cloud-based solutions, to unlock efficiencies, improve safety and achieve more with the same number of resources. In 2018, jobsite technology will no longer be an option, but a necessity executives, insurers, project leaders and crews everywhere [expect].”

He and Triax colleagues cites five trends to note as this year unfolds: