CMC looks past coiled product pitfalls, extends spooled rebar capacity

Irving, Texas-based Commercial Metals Co. is ramping up production of hot-rolled spooled product in #3 to #6 sizes at Durant, Okla., and Mesa, Ariz., micro mills—anticipating spring 2018 and 2019 availability.

Underscoring efficiencies associated with the spooled rebar shown here, CMC notes how traditional coiled product is prone to twisting, resulting in straightening and bending machine feeding difficulties; de-coiling tangles; unstable stacking; and, varying linear feet totals from one coil to the next. PHOTO: Commercial Metals

“Spooled rebar has many advantages that give fabricators a competitive advantage. Traditional coiled rebar’s cooling process inherently causes twisting in the bar. Spooled rebar has a no-twist design, which alleviates the challenges associated with fabricating loose-wound coiled rebar,” explains CMC Executive Vice President, Operations Tracy Porter. “The ability to produce and sell spooled rebar from Oklahoma and Arizona will allow us to reach a broader geographic market. Micro mill technology lends itself well to spooled rebar production and allows us to offer spools from 1.5 to 4.8 tons.”

CMC announced the Oklahoma and Arizona mill investments in January and November 2017, positioning the company as the first domestic operator to fabricate spooled rebar. Along with the new products, both facilities will offer straight-length concrete reinforcements.