Intelligently designed curing systems

Besser Co. engineers curing systems to deliver accurate temperature, humidity and cycle control for chambers, kilns or plant bays, plus air control and insulation to provide circulation and energy savings. The company employs proprietary simulation software to design new systems for maximum efficiency and dependability; the software also evaluates current systems, locating and correcting any deficiencies.

Curing systems tailored to producers’ specific needs. Besser equipment offerings span vapor generators, curing controls, forced warm air heating units, circulation/misting systems, and hydro curing. All system engineering and manufacturing are performed in the U.S. with domestically made parts. Experienced technical service representatives provide installation assistant and training. The manufacturer also offers annual maintenance contracts, system upgrades, 24/7 technical support, plus parts for namesake and competitive curing systems. — Besser Co., 989/354-4111;