Shockey Precast deal moves Metromont market footprint north

Sources: Metromont Corp., Greenville, S.C.; CP staff

Metromont will build on its position as one of the premier precast/prestressed concrete operators in the Southeast and lower mid-Atlantic markets in a planned acquisition of Shockey Precast Group. Based in Winchester, Va., the latter specializes in parking structures, mission critical structures and wall enclosure systems for owners, developers and contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic region, and will operate under its legacy banner as a Metromont division.

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Construction IT specialist paints 2018 as “year of digital disruption”

Source: Triax Technologies Inc., Norwalk, Conn.

Thanks to a flourish of Internet of Things (IoT) and companion developments on deck this year, connected jobsite software and hardware provider Triax Technologies contends that construction is poised to shatter its reputation as one of least digitized among major business sectors.

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