Lightweight compressed natural gas fuel system

With only five unique parts, the Type 3 Rail Mount is billed as the lightest compressed natural gas fuel system on the market. It offers a similar operating experience to diesel trucks, product engineers contend, and is designed to improve fuel economy, increase payload, reduce total cost of fleet ownership.

The Type 3 Rail Mount and other Worthington CNG fuel systems are assembled in Salt Lake City to NFPA 52 and CSA B109 standards, and have cylinders certified to NGV2 and FMVSS 304.

“Weight means something different for each fleet. For some, it can make or break profitability. For others, it’s a fuel economy factor,” says Worthington Industries General Manager, Alternative Fuel Systems Business Wayne Powers. “This system, built with input from truck OEMs, installers and fleet owners, achieves both objectives.”

Tank iiThe Type 3 Rail Mount employs truck OEM factory-installed brackets to hold an aluminum Type 3 cylinder, similar to the fit and finish of a diesel tank and engineered to provide durability while protecting the driver and fleet owner in the event of a side impact. The Type 3 Rail Mount is available in six 80- to 130-in. models, weighing 572-767 lbs. and offering 25 to 49 diesel gallon equivalent capacity. At 27-in. wide off of the frame rail, the fuel system provides a similar profile to diesel trucks, reducing the likelihood of clipping objects on turns. Factory-installed steps provide standard driver ingress and egress. — Worthington Industries, Columbus, Ohio,