Report measures precast/prestressed plants’ carbon, energy, water metrics

Through eight quarters of North American Precast Concrete Sustainable Plant Program (NAPCSPP) data reporting, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute producers are establishing representative baselines in carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption. A joint initiative for PCI, Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, and National Precast Concrete Association members, NAPCSPP is geared to benchmarking the precast industry’s impact on the environment and creating a culture of sustainability. Participating PCI plants report results on a quarterly basis.

The just-published report reflects January 2015–December 2016 data from 43 operations, each assigned identification numbers to maintain confidentiality, and is posted at

“Members have reduced waste and energy and water use,” says PCI Sustainability and Publications Director Emily Lorenz. “That’s good for the environment and good for their bottom line.”


The report is free to benchmarking survey participants and available in pdf or hard copy versions for National Precast Concrete Association members ($350) and non-members ($550) through